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Frequently Asked Question

What’s the GeM?
GeM is a short form of one stop e-Market Place hosted by DGS&D where common user goods and services can be procured
What could be the reason for variation in prices between GeM and other Marketplaces?
The variation in retail price and GeM Price of a product could be due to under mentioned factors.
1. The price offering on GeM are inclusive of all taxes.
2. Product on GeM may have a different warranty period.
3. Onsite warranty is offered for some products on GeM.
4. Prices could also vary due to Payment Terms of the transaction.
how many days my service offering(s) gets approved?
The Service Offering is approved in 72 working hours from offered time.
Is Aadhaar mandatory for Seller Registration?
No, Aadhaar is no longer mandatory for Seller Registration. Sellers now also have an option to use Personal PAN for Identity Verification while doing the seller registration.
Which email ID do I need to provide for registration?
We would advise you to provide the official email ID of the person managing the account so as to not miss out on important notifications, OTP’s etc.
What is a Log interval?
It is the duration after which Invoice needs to be generated by the Service Provider. In general, the Billing interval is defined as 30 days for majority of services. Invoice generation is pro-rata basis as per the Contract order. Once the Invoice is generated, the buyer may generate Bill and go ahead with payments.
Why am I unable to see the seller's name in market, while searching a product on GeM?
In order to aviod biases in selection of seller, for a particular purchase, seller's name is no longer disclosed on GeM until the Buyer makes a purchase decision.
To register on GeM as a seller, do I require a DIPP number?
DIPP number is required only for Startups.For any startup to register on GeM DIPP number and linked mobile number is mandatory.
Can I accept or Decline a Direct Purchase Order Placed on GeM
Yes, you can accept or Reject the Direct Purchase order.
Who conducts vendor assessment?
M/s Quality Council of India (QCI) have been engaged in conducting vendor assessments.